“Like Lloyd Kaufman and Sam Raimi’s mutant offspring . . .”
—Wil Wheaton

“Jeff Burk writes some awesome shit. Just read it.”
—Carlton Mellick III


A fusion of pop culture insanity and pulp-punk action, JEFF BURK is the cult favorite author of SHATNERQUAKE, SUPER GIANT MONSTER TIME, and CRIPPLE WOLF.  Like the literary equivalent to a cult B-Horror movie, Burk writes violent, absurd, and funny stories about punks, monsters, gore, and trash culture. Everyone normally dies at the end.

He is also the Editor-In-Chief for THE MAGAZINE OF BIZARRO FICTION and the Head Editor of ERASERHEAD PRESS’ horror imprint, DEADITE PRESS.

Born in the Pennsylvania backwoods, he was raised on a steady diet of Godzilla, Star Trek, and EC Comics. He now resides in Portland, Oregon. His influences include: Sleep deprivation, comic books, drugs, magick, and kittens.

He can be contacted at: riotmelody at gmail.com

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