31 Days of My Favorite Horror Books – Day 23 – WZMB by Andre Duza

For the month of October, I will be writing brief essays about my 31 favorite horror books.

WZMB sample2

No author frustrates me more as a publisher than Andre Duza. It has nothing to do with him but everything to do with you fuckers and how you aren’t reading him! He’s one of the most brilliant horror authors I’ve ever read. He takes horror tropes that we’re all extremely bored with (in this case zombies) but he puts a spin on them that is unlike anything I’ve ever come across.

If you only ever read three zombie books—read THE RISING, read WORLD WAR Z, and read WZMB. WZMB takes place after the zombie apocalypse and humans have essentially won and now humanity is rebuilding society. The book is a transcript for the first radio call-in show after the almost-apocalypse, complete with news-breaks and commercials. And that is what makes this book so original and insightful. We see what business, religion, politics, and pop culture all look like after the dead come back to life. Where, roughly, WORLD WAR Z ends is where WZMB begins.

Of all of the new to publication Deadite books that I have released, WZMB is one of my absolute favorites and one that is severely under-read.

You can buy this book here.

Not only is WZMB brilliant but so is the second book in the post-zombie-apocalypse universe that he wrote that recently came out, NO GIG IS TOO SMALL. While WZMB dealt with the first radio show after the end-of-the-world, NO GIG IS TOO SMALL is about the first metal band to go on tour after the end. This is what makes Duza such an amazing writer—he takes aspects of horror we’ve all seen done to death and shows them from perspectives that we’ve never seen.



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