31 Days of My Favorite Horror Books – Day 11 – THE STORE by Bentely Little

For the month of October, I will be writing brief essays about my 31 favorite horror books.


When I was in college, Brian Keene came to the local library for a reading. Afterwards, a bunch of fans (including myself), went out with Keene for dinner and drinks. While there we talked about various horror novels and authors. Keene brought up Little and I mentioned I had never read any of his work. He recommended I start with THE STORE and I did.

Oh man, did I love it.

Basically it the book is about a Wal-Mart-like corporation that is run by Satanists. The main character gets a job there and begins to work up the corporate ladder. As he goes higher in the company, some really fucked-up shit happens.

I’ve now read a lot of Little (DOMINION and THE UNIVERSTIY are other great ones) but THE STORE is still my favorite work by him. A fantastic combination of social commentary and crazy horror.

You can buy this book here.

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CRISIS BOY by Garrett Cook


WHITE FIRE by Brian Keene

White Fire

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