31 Days of My Favorite Horror Books – Day 8 – WORLD WAR Z by Max Brooks

For the month of October, I will be writing brief essays about my 31 favorite horror books.


“The oral history of the Zombie War.”

The subtitle really sums it up. The book is written like a nonfiction historical record of someone interviewing people all over the world about WWZ (a war of all of humanity battling zombies) from the beginning of the outbreak to humanity restoring civilization after the war.

This is an extremely famous horror novel and there’s not much I can say about it that many other’s haven’t send. It’s amazing, brilliant, and one of the must-read zombie books to have ever been published.

What I can add was that last year I reread the book and was paying close attention to what happened in the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, Portland because that’s where I live. When the US is overrun with zombies, the West Coast never completely falls. It’s even mentioned that the first shipping trade route in the reformed US after WWZ is from Seattle to Portland. We make it out OK!

You can buy this book here.

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CRISIS BOY by Garrett Cook


WHITE FIRE by Brian Keene

White Fire

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