31 Days of My Favorite Horror Books – Day 2 – THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR by Anne Rivers Siddons

For the month of October, I will be writing brief essays about my 31 favorite horror books.

house next door

This seems to be one of the more underrated haunted house novels out there (I’m a big haunted house fan and you’ll be seeing a few of them this month). I think that this commonly gets overlooked by horror fans due to the fact that the author, Siddons, mostly writes in other genres and is not commonly associated with the genre (despite this book getting praised in Stephen King’s DANSE MACABRE).

It follows a couple who live next door to a newly built house in which every one who lives there suffers terrible fates. The couple then begins to suspect that the house is haunted. But how could it be when it’s newly built and nothing that “makes” house haunted has ever happened on the property?

THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR is an ingenious take on the classic haunted house tropes as we watch all the events take place from the perspectives of the neighbors. But make no mistake, that doesn’t result in detachment. This is one seriously creepy book and the twists and explanations to what is going on have stuck in my mind ever since first reading it about fifteen years ago.

You can buy this book here.

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White Fire

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