31 Days of My Favorite Horror Books – Day 0

It’s that time of year again – the Halloween season. The one holiday season that every horror fan looks forward to. A time of year in which our weird obsessions are embraced and even become mainstream.

A popular tradition has come about where fans do what’s called “31 Days of Horror” – a different horror movie every day for the month of October. I only did that once but I put a spin on it by making it 31 days of horror movies I had not seen before (you can read my write-up of that here).

This year I’m also going to do something a little different. I’ll be doing write-ups on my 31 all-time favorite horror books. Each day, I’ll post a new short essay here about one of my absolute favorite horror books. There will be no ranking order (it’s just a general my 31 favorites). And an author will be limited to only one pick for the month.

I know a lot of horror writers and I know a lot of horror writers will see the list – if one of your titles didn’t make it, don’t feel slighted. It was hard enough to limit it down to 31 books. Also, some of the titles I picked out were published on Deadite Press. I thought for a moment if that was a conflict of interest but fuck it. Part of the reason that I published the books was because I loved them.

If you have any issues with my criteria or who I picked, deal with it. Or better yet, make your own list!

So check back here October 1st and every day for the month as I talk about my 31 favorite works of horror literature.

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