THE VERY INEFFECTIVE HAUNTED HOUSE – a new story collection from Clash Books

I could not be fucking happier to announce that I have a new collection finally coming out! Clash Books will be releasing it which is a relatively new press from Leza Cantoral and Christoph Paul. I’ve known both of them for many years and they have great tastes and great aesthetics for art and entertainment. Already their output is so interesting and unique from the Jewish-pulp fiction of THE ANARCHIST KOSHER COOKBOOK by Maxwell Bauman to the erotic horror poetry of IF YOU DIED TOMORROW I WOULD EAT YOUR CORPSE by Wrath James White. I’m am so pleased and happy to be a part of this new press. My first release with Clash will be a collection of ten short stories, one poem, and one essay.

Check out this amazing cover from Joel Amat Güell:

very ineffective haunted house

Here’s what will be included:

I’ve Seen Enough Hentai to Know Where this is Going
The Dog Who Stared
How I Got a MY LITTLE PONY Tattoo
The GG Effect
The Satanic Little Toaster
A Jinx Poem
Hipster Hunter
The Most Accomplished Crackhead in the World
Ten Secrets to Survival Clickers Don’t Want You to Know (They Really Hate Number Six)
The Window Shouldn’t Be There
The Very Ineffective Haunted House
Motherfucking Dinosaurs: An Ode to DINOSAURS ATTACK (an essay)

The release date is currently late May.

You can preorder the book at Clash’s official website. 


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