31 Days of Horror I Haven’t Seen – Day #31 – THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN

Every day for the month of October I am watching and reviewing a horror movie that I haven’t seen before. Here’s today’s:



Jack Arnold, United States, 1957

I’m a huge Richard Matheson but I had never seen this classic. I wanted to finish this marathon with a big one.

The movie has its roots in classic fifties paranoia of radiation. But where this movie breaks itself apart from its very cheesy peers is this movie takes its very silly concept deathly serious. The set pieces of a tiny man battling for his life against a cat or a spider are thrilling and fantastically done. The effects are still effective after sixty years.

What really impressed me was the very end. Most of the movie is a horror adventure but the story ends on a note that is either weirdly hopeful or nihilistic cosmic horror. The nuance and themes are truly heartbreaking and fearful. This is one classic that lives up to the hype.


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