31 Days of Horror I Haven’t Seen – Day #25 – THE WINDMILL

Every day for the month of October I am watching and reviewing a horror movie that I haven’t seen before. Here’s today’s:



Nick Jongerius, United States, 2016

I wish I knew this was a slasher before I picked it. I really don’t like the slasher subgenre. I find the movies extremely repetitive and, for a subgenre that prides itself on kills, surprisingly tame and not really that violent.

This one isn’t really any different than the dozens of slashers you forgot about from the eighties. The only “new” spins on the set-up is this one takes place at a windmill that may have been built on a gateway to Hell.

If you’re one of those people that whines about how there’s no more eighties styles slashers – here’s one for you. If you’re like me and get nothing out of those movies – there’s nothing new or interesting here.


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