31 Days of Horror I Haven’t Seen – Day #23 – COLD SWEAT

Every day for the month of October I am watching and reviewing a horror movie that I haven’t seen before. Here’s today’s:



Adrián García Bogliano, Argentina, 2010

I normally am not that interested in the “home invasion” subgenre (it just does nothing for me) but this was a really cool spin on it. In this movie the home invaders are the heroes from the beginning. A guy is trying to track down his ex-girlfriend who went missing with the aid of his friend and they track her down to a townhouse in the middle of a city. What they find is two elderly men who are keeping young women hostage and forcing them to solve a math equation.

How they keep the women in line is the most interesting aspect of the movie – the old men cover their hostages with liquid nitroglycerin. I find most movies in this subgenre to be very generic but the spin of having the villains be helpless old men with their weapon being liquid explosives allowed for many original takes on scenes we’ve all seen dozens of times before.

Thrilling and engrossing with smart characters – this was a real fun time from a subgenre I normally don’t enjoy.


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