31 Days of Horror I Haven’t Seen – Day #15 – CAST A DEADLY SPELL

Every day for the month of October I am watching and reviewing a horror movie that I haven’t seen before. Here’s today’s:



Martin Campbell, United States, 1991

Taking place an alternate reality 1940’s where monsters, magic, and all sort of supernatural phenomena are common place, the film follows a private detective named Lovecraft who is hired to track down the Necronomicon. The combination noir setting and tropes combined with practical effect monsters and silly humor makes this feel like TALES FROM THE CRYPT (both were made by HBO).

It’s a shame that this was released straight to cable TV. If this had had a theatrical release I’m sure it would be much higher regarded by the general horror community. There’s ton of references to various Lovecraft stories, fantastic special effects, and an overall sense of glee that makes this a perfect film for the Halloween season.


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