31 Days of Horror I Haven’t Seen – Day #13 – TALES OF THE GRIM SLEEPER

Every day for the month of October I am watching and reviewing a horror movie that I haven’t seen before. Here’s today’s:



Nick Broomfield, United Kingdom/United States, 2014

This one’s a little different from what I’ve been watching – it’s a serial killer documentary. Some would debate if this is horror but its close enough for me. Fuck it, this is my project. Disagree? Write your own reviews.

The Grim Sleeper, aka Lonnie David Franklin Jr., was a serial killer active in the Los Angeles area for almost thirty years. He targeted black female prostitutes and due to the cops generally not caring about them – his crimes went basically investigated for almost his entire time killing. He was convicted of ten murders but it is believed that his death toll may have been as high as the low hundreds.

The documentary is a great look at the crimes, the history of the cops’ lack of involvement, and the toll it took on the community he preyed upon. Told through interviews with the people who knew the killer and those affected by the crimes, this is a stark and unsensationalized account of one of America’s worst murderers and how poor minority communities are ignored by the powers that be.


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