My schedule for the World Horror Convention in Atlanta, GA!

It’s almost time again for one of my favorite annual events – the World Horror Convention! This year’s event will be in Atlanta, GA. The full schedule has just been announced. There will be a Deadite/Eraserhead Press table in the dealer’s room with lots of books. In addition, I will be on the following panels and events:


10-11 PM  Panel: TERRIFYING TROPES: Dark Carnivale: Freaks, Geeks, Magicians and Spiritualists – DUNWICH

Remember reading Something Wicked This Way Comes? What about Geek Love, Nightmare Alley, or Carter Beats the Devil? Have you seen Freaks, The Prestige, and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari? What’s enchanting about this genre? What’s problematic? Join our panelists for a discussion of (fiction and nonfiction) books and movies centered around magicians, the circus, spiritualists, and carnivals.

Moderator: Patty Templeton. Panelists: Jeff Burk, Andrew S. Fuller, Daniel Knauf, Leigh Perry, John Urbancik, Adrian Van Young


11 AM-NOON  Panel: DEADLY DEFINITIONS: We Are Bizarro! Beating on the Bongos and Scraping the Viscera of Horror’s Zaniest Subgenre – SARNATH

Come and learn about the genre of all that is squishy, psychedelic, and weird with authors and editors from the controversial and outrageous bizarro genre.

Moderator: Jeff Burk. Panelists: David W. Barbee, John Boden, Nikki Guerlain, John Edward Lawson, John Skipp

3-4 PM  SCAREBIZ: Timely Terrors: What Editors Are Looking For Now In Horror – DUNWICH

Editors representing large and small publishing houses and anthology markets discuss the latest trends in horror novels and shorter forms. Mainstream, Weird, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Bizarro, and more. What’s hot? What’s niche? What’s neither?

Moderator: Ellen Datlow. Panelists: Michael Bailey, Jennifer Barnes, Jeff Burk, RJ Cavender, Ellen Datlow, Don D’Auria, Melissa A. Singer

4-5 PM  Panel: SCAREBIZ: Shelf Life: Terrifying Top Trends in Specialty Press Publishing – R’LYEH 

While many feared that eBooks would scare readers away from print, horror collectors are keeping the limited edition alive. Our panel of some of the most vibrant specialty press publishers talks about the latest trends and hard realities in this niche market. As well as what’s hot and what’s not in both new works and classic reprints/discoveries. What’s different that writers need to know when pitching to the small press as opposed to larger publishers?

Moderator: John Edward Lawson. Panelists: Sunni Brock, Jeff Burk, Sabrina Kaleta, Chris Morey, Scott Woodward



10-11 AM  Panel: SCAREBIZ: The Pre-Pitch Prep Panel: A Panel for All Authors Taking Part in the Pitch Sessions! – THE TURTLE

Come and hear all the editors and agents taking pitches this year talk about what they’re looking for from a pitch, what they’d like to see more of in manuscript submissions, and give a general assessment of where they think the horror fiction small and indie press is today. This is our yearly editorial pitch panel of publishers, editors, and agents open to author pitch sessions.

Even if you’re not pitching a project, think about stopping in. What could it hurt to hear this many knowledgeable editors and agents talk about pitching and manuscript submissions?

Moderator: R.J. Cavender (Dark Regions Press/Cutting Block Books). Panelists: Jeff Burk & John Skipp (Deadite Press), Cherry Weiner (Cherry Weiner Literary Agency), Jennifer Barnes (Raw Dog Screaming), Don D’Auria (Samhain Publishing), Melissa Ann Singer (Tor Books), Alec Shane (Writers House)

Pitch Sessions to follow at 11:30am (there will be a small break between panel and pitches)

5-5:30 PM  Reading: Jeff Burk – INNSMOUTH

10:30 PM-Midnight  World Horror Con Annual Gross-Out Contest – DUNWICH

Authors compete with five-minute readings to see who is the grossest and most ridiculous of them all! Warning: there WILL be extremely graphic and adult content. Hosted by Jeff Burk.

Judges: Daniel Knauf, John Skipp, Allison Laakko, and Miss Spooky


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