World Horror Wrap-Up

Wow, the World Horror Convention was absolutely amazing! That was an insane nonstop whirlwind four days of hanging out with some of the most awesome people in the world! Here were just a few of my highlights:

– Hosting the Deadite Press party and sharing my favorite beer, Super Dog IPA, with everyone.

– Moderating the “Hardcore Fucking Horror” panel with Michael T Huyck Jr, Wrath James White, Jack Ketchum, Christine Morgan, and Aaron Sterns. The best part was when the father lead his small child out of the room after forty minutes of talking about incest, cannibalism, and donkey fucking. We had no idea the kid was in the room!

– My hometown buddy and Deadite Press best-selling author, Brian Keene, being honored with the World Horror Grand Master Award.

– Signing of ton of shit at the mass autograph session. I’m always shocked when people have my stuff and actually want it signed.

– Shane McKenzie and I getting kidnapped by clowns and hanging out drinking and talking television with CARNIVALE’s creator, Daniel Knauf. And then Shane and Daniel being shocked when the clowns got naked and I was completely nonplussed. They do that all the time.

– Running tech on the film block and seeing the fantastic SURVIVOR TYPE adaptation by Billy Hanson.

– Sharing Portland’s very own The Bedlam Sisters Side Show with a packed room of horror professionals and watching them cringe at the side show acts.

– Surprising Alan M. Clark and singing him “Happy Birthday” with about twenty other people.

– Hosting another amazing Gross Out Contest with judging by Brian Keene, Rose O’Keefe, John Skipp, Douglas E. Winter, and Daniel Knauf. Congrats to winners Stephen Lybeck (first place), David Agranoff (second place), Querus Abuttu (third place), Gardner Goldsmith (fourth place), and Shane McKenzie (judge’s choice). They received awesome prize bags with comic books and Alex Pardee horror prints. Expect Gardner who got a pudding cup and Shane who took a bite of sausage dipped in mayonnaise – I almost vomited at that.

– When I host the Gross Out, I always like to do a few little skits. This time I explained to everyone what real disgusting ingredients are in candy, shared DINOSAURS ATTACK cards with everyone in the audience, and getting a copy of SHATNERQUEST stapled to my back by Miss Spooky aka Theo Polidori.

– Having only two people show up to my reading and I just told Squishy stories and showed pictures of her.

– Moderating a panel on horror and video games and getting amazing insight into the industry from Nancy Holden, Leslie Klinger, and Joe Borrelli (writer for EA).

– Sharing the Portland institutions Montage and The Lovecraft Bar with so many visiting out of town friends.

– Hanging out on a roof top bar with Cameron Pierce, John Skipp, Christoph Paul, Ryan Harding, and Edmund Colell and discussing upcoming projects, religion, and industry gossip.

I am so exhausted but overjoyed at just how wonderful a time that was. Thanks to everyone that came out and thanks to everyone that made the event happen. Special thanks to Chrissy Horchheimer for manning the book table all weekend, Edward Morris for making sure all the logistic details were handled, Rose O’Keefe for putting us up in an amazing room with an incredible view of Portland, and everyone in The Bedlam Sisters Side Show for proving we have the most creative, talented, and beautiful people here in Portland.

The World Horror Convention will be in Atlanta, GA and it sounds like there will be something special happening at the Gross Out Contest there. I can’t say what but you’re gonna want to be there…


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