My Schedule for the World Horror Convention

This coming week is the World Horror Convention in Portland, OR!

These are all the events that I am involved in. I hope to see a lot of there you!

Thursday, May 8
8-9 pm
Panel: What Editors Want
(Paula Guran, Don D’Auria, Jeff Burk, Nick Mamatas, Ross Lockhart )
Professional editors offer their insights on their side of the publishing market: what sells, what grabs an audience, and what often crashes with the best of intentions.

Friday, May 9

3-4 pm
Panel: Hardcore Fucking Horror
(Jeff Burk, Jack Ketchum, Wrath James White, Christine Morgan, Michael Huyck, Aaron Sterns)
Horror has always pushed fiction to the very edge. Follow us over to the most extreme corners of the genre. And is there such a thing as going “too far?”

6-9 pm
Mass Autograph Signing
All of your favorite writers are in one spot and are willing to sign books!

Deadite Press Party

Saturday, May 10

10-11 am
Pitch Workshop/Editor Meet & Greet
(Jason Brock, Dave Thomas, R.J. Cavender, Jeff Burk, Cameron Pierce, Nancy Siegel, Sarah Peed, Don D’Auria, Michael Bailey)

8:30-9:30 pm
Deadite Press presents The Bedlam Sisters Sideshow
Portland’s very own sexy and terrifying freak show with a live performance of acts and skills guaranteed to shock and disgust. WARNING: THIS EVENT CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT

10-11 pm
Gross Out Contest
Do you have what it takes to be crowned the grossest storyteller of the World Horror Convention? Hosted by Jeff Burk and judged by Brian Keene, Douglas Winters, Rose O’Keefe, John Skipp, and Daniel Knauf. Ten authors will take the stage but only one will win the bragging rights and amazing prizes! WARNING: THIS EVENT CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT

Sunday, May 11

Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast
(Cody Goodfellow, John Skipp, Cthulhu Cultists)
Come witness an eldritch local tradition as Portland’s Esoteric Order of Dagon presents its severalennial ritual prayer breakfast and recruitment drive. Put your webbed hands together for a sermon, church news and posthuman hymns led by Bishop Ichabod Marsh and Deacon Froggy Mason (Cody Goodfellow & John Skipp) and the EOD’s own all-croaking Noneuclidean Choir.

11-11:30 am
Reading: Jeff Burk


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