The disabled mass-murderer of my novella, CRIPPLE WOLF, is easily one of readers’ favorite characters from my stories. I must admit, I’m a bit amazed when I go to conventions and events at how often people bring up that they love the monster. I’m been fortunate and four different artists have created their own interpretation of the character. I thought it would be fun to show off the various ways the beast has been realized.

The novella was originally published in THE BIZARRO STARTER KIT (PURPLE). Frequented collaborator and long-time friend Chrissy Horchheimer (who also did the cover art and interior illustrations for SUPER GIANT MONSTER TIME) offered an illustration for the book:

cripplewolfFor the CRIPPLE WOLF collection, she created a title page for each story. Here’s what she made for CRIPPLE WOLF:

cripple wolf 001

Samuel Deats did the cover art for the collection. He also was responsible for the SHATNERQUAKE cover. If you look closely at the back of the seat on the left side, you can see a copy of SHATNERQUAKE in the seat’s pocket:


Skurvy Ink, who creates many awesome horror and bizarro shirts, got Justin Coons to design a CRIPPLE WOLF shirt. His features many of the other characters who appear in the story. You can click here to buy a shirt.


The newest vision of the beast comes from Elizabeth Canup. She also included Cripple Wolf’s sexy nurse assistant that appears briefly in the story:


Pretty badass.

If you’re curious about a wheelchair-bound lycanthrope massacring a plane of fetish sex enthusiasts, click here to learn more and buy a copy.


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