Interview and Write to Publish

This April, I’m participating at the Write to Publish Conference at Portland State University. I’ll be on some panels and spreading the gospel of Bizarro and independent art.

To promote the event, I did a new interview with PSU where I talked about my favorite authors, advice for new writers, and strippers. Check it out here.

Here’s some details on the event:

“April 28th, 2012 will mark the fourth annual Write to Publish conference hosted by Ooligan Press of Portland State University. This year’s theme is Step into Genre, and the conference will feature local genre authors, including Phillip Margolin, Chelsea Cain, Lilith St. Crow, Suzanne Young, Lisa Hendrix, Jay Lake, and William F. Nolan.

Continuing with the same goal as past years—to demystify the publishing industry for aspiring writers—this year’s conference will also include workshops and author presentations centered on genre publishing. One of the only conferences in the country focused on publishing rather than writing, Write to Publish 2012 will be a whirlwind journey through everything from science fiction to thriller, fantasy to romance. There will be no author readings here: every session is focused on providing writers an inside look into the publishing industry. Where closed doors and big east coast publishers have kept this side of writing a thing of mystery, Write to Publish aims to shed some light.

This goal falls in sync with Ooligan Press’ own ethos. As a trade publishing house run by the graduate students in the Master’s in Writing and Book Publishing at Portland State University, Ooligan is all about preparing future publishers. The press and the program seek to train students in all aspects of publishing, whether it be editing, design, marketing, acquisitions, or digital content. The graduates of Ooligan Press will be the kind of publishers who are interested in helping writers become authors.

Also attending the conference are authors Ken Scholes, P.R. Frost, Jason V. Brock, Isaac Marion, Colleen Houck, April Henry, Allison Moon, Jeff Burk, Inara Scott, and Amber Keyser. Local publishers, editors, designers, and other industry professionals will also be present to offer their advice and insight into the ever-changing world of publishing.”

Click here for more information and to register.


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