Free books for some, free abortions for others!

Head over to Bizarro Central and celebrate author Cameron Pierce’s birthday by downloading his new collection “Abortion Arcade” and Bradley Sand’s “Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You.”

“Today, May 23rd, Abortion Arcade will be made available for free download. May 23rd also happens to be my twenty-third birthday. The book will remain available for free through the end of the month.

I am doing this for the poor people who cannot afford abortions, which they certainly, undoubtedly desire.  Some of these poor pregnant people are so poor and so pregnant that they cannot even afford to buy my books. They must sit, bored out of their minds, waiting long, sleepless, pregnant hours, suffering the dual pain of being pregnant and not having my books to read.

If there’s one thing I want for my birthday, it’s to make all of the poor pregnant people 100% happier and 100% less pregnant. So here I am with free abortions.

As a bonus, I’ve got Arnold Schwarzenegger on hand to give away free copies of Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You by Bradley Sands. Arnold Schwarzenegger gives two thumbs up to Rico Slade and Free Abortion Day.

Just remember, on May 23rd, this abortion is on me.”

Click here for more and to download the books.


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