Bizarro LIGHTBAR Party

In the winter, famous author Mykle Hansen holds a series of parities called “LIGHTBAR.” Mykle describe it as this:

“LIGHTBAR is a Seasonal Affective Disorder treatment center and cocktail lounge. Visitors are exposed to wide-frequency light fixtures, light entertainment, light conversation and light beer. Sometimes we light things on fire.”

Last weekend the LIGHTBAR was themed around Bizarro. The theme of the evening was pink (everyone had to wear pink), Carlton Mellick III spinned J-Pop, and him, Cameron Pierce, Mykle Hansen, and myself performed for the party goers. Bizarro Fan Vince Kramer filmed all our performances.

Here’s me and Chrissy Horchheimer doing “Super Giant Monster Time: Episode 6.”

Cameron Pierce:

Mykle Hansen:

Carlton Mellick III:


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