Top Ten Movies of 2010

10: Repo Men (Miguel Sapochnik, USA)

The splatter film of the year! This movie just gets stupidly gory and it’s not even a horror film. I love seeing extreme violence in movies that are not directly horror related. If it wasn’t for the extremely frustrating ending (we’re talking Haute Tension level stupid here), Repo Men would be in my top three.

9: Exit through the Gift Shop (Banksy, USA)

Love him or hate him, Banksy is one of the most important figures in modern art. I personally love him, and this documentary, his first foray into commercial film, is part of the reason. He is frequently accused of being a fraud and all hype. His response was to make a film detailing just how easy it is to be a professional art fraud.

8: The Expendables (Sylvester Stallone, USA)

I really wasn’t expecting to like this. Normally, mainstream action films aren’t to my taste but this one sounded too stupid to pass up. Almost every American action star of the past twenty years makes an appearance, but the real reason to see the movie is the non-stop gore. It opens with a man’s torso being blown clean off and the stabbings, shootings, and head explosions never let up until the end credits.

7: The Last Exorcism (Daniel Stamm, USA)

The mockumentary subgenre has been well mined for the past couple decades and, it seemed, the supply of fresh ideas for the format had been exhausted. I went into this film not expecting much but instead got one of the best crafted horror films of the year. The movie is constantly moving in unexpected directions and features some of the most inventive onscreen scares I’ve seen in years.

6: The Loved Ones (Sean Byrne, Australia)

Funny, freaky, gross, and scary. The movie starts off with a premise that seems a bit silly, and it knows it. The first half hour has a lot of pitch-black humor but then things quickly change once the knives and power-drill come out. It’s a shame that there is no U.S. release lined up yet.

5: Frozen (Adam Green, USA)

Three friends stuck on a ski-lift after closing time. They’re one hundred feet above ground, no one will be around for six days, and there’s a blizzard coming. I love movies detailing a group of people trapped in one location and this is one of the most thrilling takes on that set-up I’ve ever seen. This is one of the least violent movies on my list but when this movie shows you its teeth, it will shock you.

4: [REC] 2 (Jaume Balaguero, Spain)

This is everything a sequel should be. It picks up immediately where the first movie left off and takes the viewer on a wild ride that is more violent, thrilling, and stranger than the first film. Note: seeing the first REC is essential to making any sense of the sequel.

3: Monsters (Gareth Edwards, USA)

Holy shit! The U.S. finally made a good giant monster movie! A lot of people complained that the monsters weren’t onscreen enough in the movie but I didn’t mind. I always wanted to see a giant monster movie from the perspective of the people on the ground and this did everything right that Cloverfield got wrong.

2: A Serbian Film (Srdjan Spasojevic, Serbia)

There is finally a new film that can claim the title of “most extreme movie ever made.” Don’t take that as an endorsement, it’s a warning. We’re talking some serious fucked up shit being depicted onscreen in shockingly explicit detail. You have to be really into sick shit (like me) to enjoy this movie. For fans of Cannibal Holocaust, Salo, and Nekromantik.

1: Kick-Ass (Matthew Vaugh, USA)

This blew my fucking mind! I consider this movie to be the best superhero/comic book related film ever made. Extremely funny, extremely inventive, and extremely violent. It’s everything I want to see. Kick-Ass takes everything you expect from a superhero movie and turns it upside down while stabbing you in the kidneys. I can’t recommend this movie enough. If you haven’t seen it yet, stop whatever you are doing and run out and buy a copy. Also, buy a six-pack while you at it.


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